Business Groups

Retail Banking Group

The Retail Banking Group of ICICI Bank serves customer segments such as individuals, business banking, government, and retail institutions. Our customer relationship teams are present across the country through a wide distribution of over 5,534 branches. Read More


International Banking Group

ICICI Bank’s International footprint consists of subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Canada, branches in the United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Dubai International Finance Centre and Qatar Financial Centre Read More


Wholesale Banking Group

This group largely deals with the Government, Corporate India and is involved in various projects across a wide spectrum of industries. It is further classified by detailed operations Read More


Operations Group

This group is broadly classified into Central Operations & Retail Operations. Central Operations Group is responsible for Collections, Payments and Government Business Operations. Whereas Retail Operations Group supports processing operations of retail liabilities Read More


Phone Banking Group

ICICI Bank's Phone Banking services help customers avail a host of banking features primarily through the phone channel. The Phone Banking Channel at the Bank is strongly connected to all business groups to design service architecture for enabling the customer journey, and relaying customer feedback to product teams. It also supports international branches and ICICI Direct in their phone banking requirements. It is a 24/7 channel designed to enable the transaction capability of a customer and offer products across the financial spectrum to boost the customer portfolio. This group engage with customers across segments and provide any and every assistance required to ease their banking journey and servicing their banking, financial and investment need. This group is responsible for resolving customer queries over the phone on a day -to-day bases providing efficient service, providing customers with relevant products and service information and cross-selling various banking products to our existing customers over the phone.


Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups mediate crucial business activities along with the intricate flow of internal activities. Employees operate as gatekeepers at important junctions of business and their advisory inputs along with binding inputs, fuels the way forward. Read More


Technology Group

Being responsible for all technological requirements keeps this group at the forefront of all aspects of business, keeping the bank itself abreast with technological innovations. The group simplifies us-ability of numerous bank applications and works with employees in the system to understand their specific needs. After all, ICICI Bank is a front runner of technological innovations in the industry; it is therefore a responsibility to constantly lead the way.


Data Science and Analytics Group

Data Science and Analytics team facilitates various data driven business decisions, performance reporting, product design and process innovations. The team also acts as custodian of customer information and focuses on enabling various customer facing decisions that enhance the core operating profits for the Bank. The team works on various project areas including improving customer acquisition initiatives, portfolio management initiatives, enabling strong risk management, delivering superior customer service and enabling higher employee productivity.

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