Retail Banking Group

This group is a product of our technologically proactive adoption internet banking in the late 1990s. Over the years, the ‘customer first’ approach has propelled us into Mobile Banking, Electronic Branches and the recently launched Tab Banking.

This group adheres to the changing preferences and needs of customers with respect to maintaining and developing their savings account and managing their current accounts (Retail Liabilities Group). The pool then gets deployed through Home Loans, Personal Loans and Auto Loans for its customers.

Having adopted an organisational model helps us focus on product development and dedicate ourselves to service, which helps strengthen our bond with our customers. It also helps achieve market leadership in various product segments:

  • Privilege Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Salary Accounts
  • Trusts, Associations, Societies & Clubs (TASC)


Rural and Inclusive Banking Group

ICICI Bank reaches out to Rural India that is in urgent need of financial services, with customised products & services for farmers, agricultural traders, processors and rural entrepreneurs.  With a highly prospective market to explore, Rural & Inclusive Banking (RIB) is a business presenting several opportunities to meet the banks’ strategic objectives. The aim is to capitalise on profitable business opportunities such as priority sector lending & financial inclusion targets in the rural economy. This group also accommodates the unbanked population through innovative products and services against the security of gold coins and gold ornaments.

  • Enterprise Credit Business
  • Micro Finance Institutes (MFI) Business
  • Self Help Group Business
  • Farmer Finance Business
  • Business Correspondent
  • Farm Equipment Business 
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