Wholesale Banking Group

This group largely deals with the Government, Corporate India and is involved in various projects across a wide spectrum of industries. It is further classified by detailed operations:


Large Clients Group (LCG)

The Large Clients Group is responsible for building granularity and increasing market penetration through new clients acquisition, as well as increasing the wallet share of the Bank in existing clients. The purpose of the group is to drive risk calibrated operating profit given the market opportunities by collaborating with clients in their growth initiatives.


Global Clients Group (GCG)

The focus of the Global Clients Group is to provide the full range of client focused financial solutions to strengthen our relationship with these corporates as their strategic partner and to further deep mine these accounts. The aim of the group is to expand coverage with existing clients and cross penetrate products to maximize the capture of market opportunities.


Services Sector Group

The services sector is the largest and fastest growing sector in India and is projected to grow further. The Services sector group is responsible for managing and nurturing relationships with service sector companies (including non-banking financial companies and new age businesses) to grow the profit pool from this sector.


Multi-national Corporations (MNCs)

The focus of the Multi National Clients Group is to develop and maintain relationships with Global Multinational corporations which are either present or intending to invest in India. The Group is responsible for providing a comprehensive suite of products to cater to the banking requirements of this niche segment in India as well as at global locations of ICICI Bank in synergy with International Banking group.


Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)

The PSU group develops and manages relationships with Central and State PSU entities to drive the Bank's PE strategy/ROE by offering customized asset based products, strengthening coverage/penetration through tailor made liabilities products, leveraging technology to support PSU Business, cross selling banking products to maximize wallet share.


Capital Markets & Custody Group

The group provides banking, clearing and settlement services to key capital market participants such as brokers and clearing corporations. The group also provides safekeeping/settlement of securities, regulatory registration/reporting, clearing for derivative trades and forex services for foreign investors, mutual funds and insurance companies.


Structured Finance and Portfolio Management Group

The Structured Finance Group provides customized structured solutions to corporate clients and executes large sized, complex deals. The group works closely with the Relationship teams for both origination and execution of such deals.


Project Finance Group (PFG)

The Project Finance Group is responsible to build expertise in identified sectors such as Power, Roads, Ports, Airports, Mining, Oil & Gas. They closely work with the relationship teams to originate and monitor these assets.


Strategic Solutions Group (SSG)

The Strategic Solutions Group is responsible for harnessing the Bank's expertise to devise innovative solutions for the identified clients in the Bank's portfolio.


Financial Institution, Syndication & Advisory Group

The Financial Institution Group (FIG) provides banking solutions to financial institutions. The Syndication team, along with FIG, is responsible for loan syndication and sell down of assets. The Advisory Group provides comprehensive advisory services to corporate clients. The Syndication and Advisory Group works closely with Global Clients Group, Large Clients Group and Services Sector Group.


Credit Monitoring Group

The Credit Monitoring Group (CMG) is responsible for proactively identifying portfolio and account level trends to strengthen the Bank's ability to develop early warning signals for management and full scale monitoring across the life cycle of all advances. Credit Monitoring Unit (CMU) and Credit Middle Office Group (CMOG) are part of CMG.


Asset Evaluation & Monetisation Group

The Asset Evaluation and Monetisation Group (AEMG) assesses, evaluates and monetizes the immovable assets held as collateral by the Bank acquired pursuant of lender rights across WBG & SMEAG.

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