Wholesale Banking Group

This group largely deals with the Government, Corporate India and is involved in various projects across a wide spectrum of industries. It is further classified by detailed operations:


Corporate Banking Group (CBG)

This group takes great effort in advancing the financial position of corporate customer by identifying and applying diversified revenue sources. Corporates at ICICI Bank rely on this group to help sustain their business.


Commercial Banking Group

With an empowered branch network at disposal, this group invests in superior customer service to multiply the client base so as to pave the way for acquiring equitable share of commercial banking revenues.


Structured Finance Group (SFG)

Involved in designing the ideal structure of finance and syndication among the Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Telecom, Hospitality and IT etc., in the domestic and international markets, this group focusses on providing financial solutions to corporates. It has successfully executed deals such as Acquisition Financing, Asset Financing, Sponsor Financing and more.


Project Finance Group (PFG)

PFG entails financing of Greenfield /expansion projects in sectors of manufacture - Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Textiles, Oil & Gas and Construction, as also in sectors of infrastructure - Power, Telecom, Roads, Ports, Airports, Railways and Urban infrastructure.


Government Banking Group (GBG)

GBG leads interface between State Government entities/State Government /Central Government, for all their banking requirements and is their one point of contact.


Mid Markets Group (MMG)

MMG delves into the needs of corporates grown beyond the SME. These corporates develop complex needs for banking services which the group strives to meet. By making the acquisition of new mid-size customers the objective, MMG succeeds in churning out new channels of revenue.


Capital Markets Group (CMG)

CMG operates in the primary as well as secondary market operations. In the former, as a collection & refund banker for Equity IPOs, Open Offers and Debt issues. In the latter, as a clearing and settlement banker.


Special Structuring Group (SSG)

SSG is focused on improving asset quality and closely monitoring critical exposures to enable proactive action whenever required.


Financial Institution Group (FIG)

FIG is responsible for all business with banks and financial intermediaries (other than rural and urban micro finance institution relationships managed by the Rural, Micro-banking & Agri-business Group). 

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