Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups mediate crucial business activities along with the intricate flow of inter-nal activities. Employees operate as gatekeepers at important junctions of business and their advisory inputs along with binding inputs, fuels the way forward.


  • Finance Group
  • Compliance Group
  • Corporate Brand and Communications Group
  • Internal Audit Group
  • Financial Crime Prevention & Reputation Mgmt. Group
  • Legal Group
  • Risk Management Group
  • Secretarial Group
  • Human Resource Management Group


Finance Group

The basic function of the group is to prepare key financial statements, manage balance sheet, track competition and handle investor relations with care.

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting Group

Primarily responsible for preparing financial statements for the bank as well as group of companies, this group comprises of experts in accounting. These experts work in alliance with the Reserve Bank of India and thus some financial statements may be declared to be statutory in nature.

  • Performance Information and Value Management Group

Equipped with excellence when it comes to data analytics and business know-how, the em-ployees in this group prepare the annual budget, manage performance of bank, monitor profit and carry out segmental reporting. They also collaborate with business groups to develop and maintain forecasting models as also manage capital adequacy computation as per Base III.

  • Taxation

Attuned to the taxation norms, this group is linked with all taxation related matters of the bank such as - Direct Tax, Service tax & Value Added Tax.


Compliance Group

This group is entitled to interpreting and enforcing domestic and international regulations for the bank. The employees bridge the gap between regulations and the internal teams of the bank and work efficiently to ensure that transactions are steered clear of money laundering.


Corporate Branding & Communication Group (CBCG)

 The CBCG group takes control of building the brand name of the bank by facilitating media interface, public relations, executing marketing and media plans with business groups and managing information flow within and outside the bank.


Internal Audit Group

This group is responsible for internal audits of almost every group in the Bank. The group companies’ audits are done on the basis of predefined standard operating procedures. Thorough checks ensure that all practices are in line with the laid down procedures. An important value addition by the members is the identification of potential grey areas in the business activities of ICICI Bank.


Financial Crime Prevention & Reputation Mgmt. Group

This group comes into play in cases of fraud. Team members work towards prevention as well as investigation subsequent to a mishap. Keeping close connection to the Police and Law Agencies, Critical business transactions are kept track of and thorough analysis is carried out to study patterns and thus avoid the occurrence of potential frauds.


Legal Group

This group makes sure that the bank can undertake all its activities without any legal hindrances. Adept at laws and interpretation of the same, the team provides valuable legal advisory and necessary documentation, representation in court and takes utmost care to keep litigation at bay.


Risk Management Group

This group possessing efficient business foresight are responsible for controlling risk factors and ac-counting for potential risk with the help of risk computation models.

  • Credit Risk: Associated with money lent by the bank
  • Market Risk: Associated with changes in FX rates and interest rates                                                 
  • Operation Risk: Associated with various internal operating procedures


Secretarial Group

This group operates as the vehicle of the Board by carrying out core activities. It operates in an all-round capacity and is vital for the operation of all other groups.

  • Convening and conducting meetings among the Board members and credit committees as also process related committees
  • Recording Minutes of the Meeting, which serves are conclusive evidence in courts of law
  • Ensuring compliance with Company Law, Stock Exchanges, Reserve Bank of India, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and other regulatory authorities
  • Presenting Annual Report, Book Closure, Dividend recommendation and more


Human Resource Management Group

This group works in tandem with all other groups being responsible for the condition of Human Resources and Organisational Growth. With a strategy to build talent rather than buy it, this group encourages Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Recognition, Employee Engagement, Learning and Development. The group takes every necessary initiative to groom employees towards leadership.



Infrastructure Management & Service Group

This group is broadly responsible for management of ICICI Bank's property, amenities, upkeep, buildings and equipment, travel, telecommunication and security.

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