Employee Value Proposition

Growth and Learning

  • Opportunity to move across jobs
  • Challenging roles that give opportunity to make impact on a larger scale
  • Large and challenging roles ahead of time
  • Freedom to try new ideas and learn from experience
  • Opportunity to discuss growth prospects with superiors
  • Highest level of empowerment
  • Best place to develop leadership abilities


Enabling Work Culture

  • Culture where grievances can be stated to superiors without fear
  • Tolerance for honest mistakes
  • Strategy, structure and policies are communicated clearly and suggestions on them can be given freely
  • Boss and superiors invest in subordinates’ development
  • Clarity in performance expectations and goals
  • If there are workplace inhibitors, I can raise them and expect that I will be heard



  • Non-discriminatory workplace
  • Superior compensation for superior performance
  • For a performing employee, the longer he/she spends in ICICI, better are the growth prospects
  • Bosses do not compete with their teams for credit
  • Protection against biases of superiors
  • Competitive compensation vis-a-vis other Indian private sector banks



  • Respect and dignity in every engagement
  • Support during professional need and personal emergency
  • Respect for personal time


Winning Organizations

  • Being a part of the winning strategy
  • Inspiring leadership provided by the Top Management of the organization
  • Pride in being an employee of ICICI
  • Being part of socially responsible organization
  • An organization that strongly discourages employees from adopting unacceptable business practices 


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