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What is the process of selection at ICICI Bank?
Who is eligible to apply at ICICI Bank?
  Being an universal bank, we offer a diverse range of financial products and services. We need bright young graduates, post graduates, and professionally qualified CA/ MBAs to carry the business objectives forward. People with experience in any industry or fresh campus pass outs are welcome to apply.
What are the current openings with Bank ?
Where can I submit my resume ?
  Application Process: -
What kind of career path can I expect?
  ICICI Bank offer a range of opportunities across Retail, Wholesale & International Banking. Cross-functional movements are strongly encouraged to build capability in each employee to become a knowledgeable service provider.
What is the work culture at ICICI Bank?
  It is a tech-savvy, non-hierarchical, work environment where early responsibility and independent decision-making enable each employee to reach his/her potential. We are a meritocratic organisation where high performing employees are duly recognised and rewarded.