Career Counselling

With the increasing number of career options today it has become far more complex a decision. It requires an individual’s interest, skill set, qualifications and personality to correspond with each other. Moreover, there are various emotional hazards such as doubt, confusion and apprehension. At such times, somebody to help bring clarity of thought and simplify the decision can provide much relief. And hence, we take it upon ourselves at ICICI to assist you with achieving the life goals you have in mind, with our Career Counselling segment 

  • Understand your inclinations and aspirations
  • Get a broad view of the plethora of career options available in the market
  • Adopt a fresh perspective toward your career
  • Analyse the best matches and map them out
  • Utilise our resources along with information available and receive professional guidance to make the optimal choice for you


Know Your Counsellor: ICICI Bank aims to nurture you through the challenges of in your career. Our qualified professionals could help you know your core personality and understand yourself, helping you cope with environmental challenges. Your counsellor can also help widen your perspective by identifying possibilities and choices available to keep you on the right track in career and life decisions.


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