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e-Relationship Manager

Essential Services: Role & Location fungibility
While the role descriptions give you an overview of the responsibilities, it is only directional and guiding in nature. At ICICI Bank, we believe in serving our customers beyond our role definition, product boundaries, and domain limitations through our philosophy of customer 360-degree. In essence, this captures our belief in serving the entire banking needs of our customers as One Bank, One Team. To achieve this, employees at ICICI Bank are expected to be role and location-fungible with the understanding that Banking is an essential service.
About the role
As an e-Relationship Manager, you will have the opportunity to interact with various segments of the Bank''s customers and provide any assistance in their banking journey. Following the Bank''s philosophy of providing "Customer 360-degree banking," you would act as a one-point contact for your mapped customers and service their requirements across different channels and products. This will require you to develop a thorough understanding of the customer''s profile, demographics, banking behavior and expand the customer''s portfolio with the Bank by offering new products and solutions and also coordinate with the mapped branch for better branch synergy. Hence, this role requires you to have a flair for identifying sales opportunities and driving revenue. You are also expected to ensure coverage of your customer base through regular conversations in accordance with the business plans.
Bankable individuals not just Bankers: We hire from across industries!
We at ICICI Bank are in continuous pursuit of creating consistent customer delight and superior experience. Our e-relationship Managers are empowered individuals who champion the cause of customer experience and have a penchant for building and nurturing business relationships. If you are an individual whose heart echoes our aspiration, look no more. We do not just choose diverse minds but celebrate their success. If you are a bankable individual without banking experience, you are welcome, irrespective of your present core responsibilities or the industry associated. Our training programs prepare you for the role of an e-relationship Manager. Professionals from across industries are welcome to apply for the role of e-Relationship Manager.
Key Responsibilities:
  • 360-degree Banking: Build and deepen customer relationships to increase their wallet share and revenues through the phone channel. Ensure the customer''s needs are captured holistically and solutions are offered using the 360-degree banking framework by recommending the right products.
  • Quality focus: Ensure every engagement with the customer is fully aligned with the aspiration of creating a delightful customer experience. Retain customers and improve the Net Promoter Score through impeccable service quality.
  • Product Advisory: Ensure a thorough understanding of all product offerings and facilitate the needs/queries of the customers with the relevant product information in line with the framework of 360-degree banking. Serve as one-point contact to the mapped customers of the bank.
  • New Relationships: Expand the customer base through referrals from existing customers. Generate new business to achieve growth in customer book, volumes, and revenue from the segment.
  • Customized solutions: Collaborate with product specialists, subject matter experts, and credit and service teams to ensure the right products are offered to the customer.
  • Behold our values: Offer products that are fair to our customers and fair to the bank.
Key Qualifications & Skills:
  • Educational Qualification: MBA, Engineers & Graduates with relevant work experience of 0-8 years in area of relationship management across industries.
  • Relationship Building: Ability to manage and leverage existing customer relationships to create a meaningful impact on customer''s needs.
  • Customer service: Complete understanding of the key customer service parameters during call engagements.
  • Improvise: Develop and implement overarching sales and customer relationship strategy, sales processes and structure.
  • Communication skills: Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Market Sensing: Monitor and evaluate industry trends, customer drivers and potential partnerships.
About the Business Group
ICICI Bank''s Retail Banking Group serves customer segments consisting of individuals, self-employed professionals, SMEs, proprietors, government, and retail institutions. With approximately 6,500 branches across the country, our relationship team is dedicated to serving customer needs with a 360-degree approach. ICICI Bank has a unique bouquet of digital solutions covering the diverse banking needs of customers. Under Retail Banking Group, e-Relationship Management Services help customers avail of a host of banking services primarily through the phone channel. The e-Relationship Management Channel at the Bank is strongly connected to all business groups to design service architecture for enabling the customer journey and relaying customer feedback to product teams. It also supports international branches and ICICI Direct in their banking requirements. It is a channel designed to enable the transaction capability of a customer and offer products across the financial spectrum to boost the customer''s portfolio.
Under Retail Banking Group, our e-Relationship channel forms an important platform for our customer engagement. The group ensures customers'' queries are resolved on time with a key focus on offering quality service. Our e-relationship team ensures each customer is profiled with a thorough understanding of their banking needs and services, and offerings are in line with our customer 360-degree approach.



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