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Relationship Manager – Debt Service Management Group


As a Relationship Manager Debt Service Management Group you get an opportunity to manage the mapped retail customer portfolio with a key focus on pre-delinquency management using data and technology and timely recovery of legitimate dues in cases of default. This requires a flair for building a relationship with the customer while adhering to the Fair To Customer Fair To Bank philosophy in every customer engagement, and also managing the channels being used for collections. You are expected to have fair market and customer portfolio insights and relay information back to stakeholders for the maintenance of a healthy portfolio and the implementation of process changes. Different products require a distinguished style of servicing; hence, it becomes imperative to have a good understanding of all the product features. Once an account is deemed an NPA, you will need to chart out the legal course of action while adhering to all audit and compliance guidelines. Another key aspect of the job is to maximize payments through the digital channel and offer any financial solution required by the customer through collaboration with teams at ICICI Bank.

Key Responsibilities
1.Collection /Recovery:
Efficient and timely collection of delinquent dues; administration of legal recourse

2-Customer Relationship:
Understand customer portfolio, customer behaviour and repayment cycle; meet customers frequently

3-Channel Management:
Manage efficiency of distribution channels comprising of agencies, call centers and feet on street

4-360 degree-banking solutions
Generate business opportunities and offer financial solutions across the product spectrum

5-Data Analysis:
Interpret customer data to identify pre-delinquency trends

6-Behold our values:
Ensure, Fair to Customer and Fair to Bank philosophy in every customer engagement. 

Key Qualifications & Skills
1-Educational Qualification
MBA/PGDM with a minimum of 1 year & Graduate with a minimum 3 years of experience in the area of relationship management.

2-Communication Skills
Demonstrate strong communication skills in negotiation and conflict resolution.

3-Customer Escalation Management
Ability to investigate and resolve complaints regarding incorrect debt collection attempts

4-Legal Knowledge
Knowledge of relevant legal requirements. 

5-Awareness of regulations 
Ability to assess the impact of policies, rules, and regulations on your portfolio

6-Delinquency Analysis

Ability to analyse reports on delinquent accounts and report misused payments to the Credit Bureau

Few Success Factors
1-A solution- and relationship-oriented approach

2-Good negotiation skills combined with clear communication and articulation

3-Emotional Intelligence to empathize with genuine customer concerns

4-Compliance with Conscience

5-Relaying customer feedback to improve product offerings

6-Analyzing delinquent customers to derive patterns & trends and relay for policy changes/revamp

About the Business group
Debt Service Management Group (DSMG) is a dedicated unit in the Bank responsible for the collection of impaired debts from retail customers, including those in rural areas and certain portfolios in the enterprise pool. The collection strategy depends on the stage of delinquency vis-a-vis the activities involved, which also include the engagement of outsourced agencies for effective recovery of dues from the customers.

Primary tools of collection used by the Bank are tele-calling, field collections through agencies, set-off through Debit, digital collection, possessions of assets, sale of possessed assets, exit through settlement and legal actions for the enforcement of security and/or recovery of dues.


Delhi,Punjab,Harayana (HR),Himachal Pradesh (HP),Uttar Pradesh (UP)

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