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Product Specialist - Private Banking Group

Product Specialist- Private Banking group

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand client risk and return profile, identify investment opportunities, provide suitable solutions and ensure periodic investment portfolio review.
  • Keep abreast with developments in global markets, investment products and opportunities
  • Liaise with central research / advisory / product teams / business divisions for identifying opportunities to cater to clients requirements.
  • Act as an RM in circumstances where the RM is unable attend to the clients. Assist RM in acquiring clients.
  • Share with the client or prospective client house views on various asset classes and explain the rationale.
  • Competition mapping and augmenting new product development
  • Showcase investment products to clients which may be of interest for them or which are on the approved list.
  • Explaining key risks and other features of products in which the client wishes to invest and updating the client on the same post sales.
  • Assist the client in aligning his investments as per his needs and risk appetite in line with dynamic asset allocation
  • Maintain client confidentiality
Qualifications & Experience:
  • Graduate and Post Graduate with 6 to 18 years of experience in managing HNI Clients



Min Exp (yrs):


Max Exp (yrs):


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