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Data Scientist

We are looking for a data scientist with strong experience in performing analysis and managing big data. You will be on the forefront of analysis and leverage our data sources to propose new ideas related to every area of our product. You will play a central role in guiding product development and strategy through the discovery of insights from data.



  • Leverage data to perform intensive analysis across all areas of our business to catalyze product development
  • Design experiments and interpret the results to draw detailed and actionable conclusions
  • Design experiments and interpret the results to draw detailed and actionable conclusions
  • Build cutting-edge machine learning models to make our product intelligent (NLP, OCR, neural network, etc)
  • Generate and execute on ideas for exploratory analysis to shape future projects and provide recommendations for actions
  • Perform time-series analyses, hypothesis testing, and causal analyses to statistically assess relative impact and extract trends
  • Create models to enhance understanding of user behavior and predict future performance of cohorts
  • Create dashboards and reports to regularly communicate results and monitor key metrics
  • Ability to build and interact with very large data processing pipelines, distributed data stores, and distributed file systems 


  • At least 2 years of experience in quantitative analysis experience (preferably in an engineering or product role)
  • Experience with common analysis tools - SQL, R, and Python
  • Demonstrable proficiency in coding, programming concepts, and technical tools with analysis combined with the enthusiasm and passion to build
  • A product mindset - you ask and address the most important analytical questions with a view on enhancing product impact
  • Passionate and attentive self-starters, great communicators, amazing follow-through - you are entrepreneurial and love the responsibility of being personally empowered



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